We are an independent Food service provider to the Catering Trade in the North Lancashire area. Established since the 1960's the company has been owned by the Wright family.

We offer outstanding personal customer service & very competitive prices. We stock over 2500 products across the range of ambient grocery, chilled products, dairy, fresh fruit & veg, bread, cleaning & paper products plus a range of Sundry Catering Equipment from a teaspoon to a fridge.

Our managing director has over 55 years of expertise and knowledge in the industry and is always willing to advise.

We remain proudly independent to this day but we are backed by our membership of Unitas Foodservice with a group turnover of £8.5Billion.

Our computers keep an historic order file of all your regular order lines, which we can print out for you to use as order sheets.

Once your order is assembled whether it be fresh chilled, ambient or non food it will be checked for correctness, quality, dates and damage by experienced staff before we make a delivery.

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Mon Lancaster & Caton Area

Fri 4:00 pm

Tue Morecambe & Heysham

Mon 4:00 pm

Wed Morecambe & Carnforth Area

Tue 4:00 pm

Thu Lancaster Area

Wed 4:00 pm

Fri Morecambe , Heysham & Carnforth Area

Thu 4:00 pm

If you would like a representative to call on you please phone or fill in contact form.

AWRS Number: XYAW 000 0011 1999

Whitewells Catering Supplies Limited
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1, Birketts Place, Thornton Road, Morecambe, Lancashire LA4 5PX
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